My very first BLOG…

Sitting here at the computer looking at this blank space gives me the same feelings I had in school when the teacher handed out a blank sheet of paper to each student, wrote a topic on the board and said, “Now you may begin.  You have 45 minutes.”  And that empty paper loomed bigger than life!

That’s how I feel about starting this blog on homesteading… my homestead, my family.  It’s a bit daunting and at this moment, looms bigger than life.  I’ve been Facebooking with people on our Lazy B Farm page and it’s really been fun.  There are some regular “conversers” and I  feel like I  know them.  I’m  hoping that’s what will happen here.  I will admit, I’m also excited about the fact that I will have more than a couple of lines to explain things that happen at the farm, or share ideas, or ask questions.  Sometimes on FB, I get so excited about something and I’m typing away and realize the cursor has stopped even though my fingers have been flying over the keys.  Kinda like when you’re talking away on your cell phone only to realize you’re talking to the wind because your call was lost.  Why does that feel so embarrassing when no one knows?  Oh well… 

My point is, a blog will give the opportunity to finish a whole concept or story with more than just a few sentences.  

And so I’ve  started.  And this computer page is no longer blank.  And I’m feeling a little better about all this!   …I wonder if my 45 minutes are up?!


2 Responses to “My very first BLOG…”

  1. Kami Dickerson Says:

    I have read them all. I’m looking forward to the next…of course because I started at the end…the next is already there! : )

  2. lazybfarm Says:

    Well Kami~ you are partially responsible for this blog 🙂 At this point, I’m re-working my schedule to blog 2 times a week. One of those days will include a few steps down our homesteading path.
    Hopefully it will be an encouragement to you and help keep you dreaming!

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