But I Do Like the City – It’s Just…

I love the country more!!

My dad was a pilot for American Airlines when I was growing up so we always lived close to the cities –  New York City when we lived in Connecticut and Boston when we lived in New Hampshire.

After Dave and I were married, I worked in downtown Seattle in a highrise and we lived in an apartment on the outskirts of the city.  Then we moved to Los Angeles…

And then back to Seattle to buy a house in a sub-division in a bedroom community of the city.  Our last stop, before coming to the east coast, was a town in between San Francisco and Monterey.

Our closest city now – Atlanta!

I do like all that the cities have to offer…

I enjoy being transported to another time and place while watching a show at the theatre; closing my eyes and being surrounded by the magnificent sounds of an orchestra.

The awe of man-made structures; the stories of ages past told in the old buildings and museums.

The people and cultures that are the rhythm of each city; the bustle of traffic; the night-life, sounds and smells…

And the restaurants!  A menagerie of the world’s tastes brought to one place – the city.

Yes, I have a great appreciation for the city and all that belongs to a city…

But at the end of my visit, when all my senses have been taxed to their limit…

Please take me back to the country where I can breathe!

Where I can touch the warmth of the soil, listen to the melody of the birds and the wind through the trees, and taste the simple goodness of vegetables from my own garden.

I do like the city…it’s just, I LOVE the country!


3 Responses to “But I Do Like the City – It’s Just…”

  1. Kelly Velasco Says:

    Yes, the big city can offer many thrilling things :^). It kinda reminds me of going to the mountains to the snow: I go there, have a blast in all the white stuff- and then, I get to go home to where there is just white fog :^).

  2. Lydia Rose Says:

    I grew up in the country and that will always be home to me.

  3. Lydia Rose Says:

    We live in Georgia, too.

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