Georgia Snow!

The New Englander in me loves it when it snows in GA! Everything is clean and fresh, a new beginning.  I love to watch the excitement in my children, the awe of the beauty.  The dogs think it’s a new toy and a supply of never-ending balls to chase; the cats are perturbed as they gingerly tiptoe through the snow with a look of disgust on their faces.

Our biggest dilemma is trying to figure out what item will slide down our long hill in the back pasture…

And then there’s always the honorable snowman to be built – before the dogs come along thinking it’s a giant ball to be chased and tackled!

And what is it about snow that compels some people to do some really crazy things?!

But hey – the victory of the challenge is so worth it!

I’m so thankful that living in the South didn’t mean having to give up an occasional snowstorm…

Of course, I’m not sure our animals feel the same way.  Their greatest decision during the snowstorm is to eat…

…or hide out in the barn.

Stomachs win!!

What is a snowstorm if you can’t take pictures of yourself in the falling snow to put on Facebook??

Or beaning someone with a snowball…

Even if they are on the other side of the window 🙂

Documenting all this activity is crucial because snowstorms don’t come along every winter in the South.

Snow gives a different perspective to the common…

Snow also gives cold “bums” to our chickens when they’re trying to lay eggs.

Know what the New Englander in me loves best about the snow in GA?

It knows when the visit has been long enough and it goes away, leaving us with wonderful memories and images and the longing for more.


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3 Responses to “Georgia Snow!”

  1. Sue Says:

    As usual…great pictures!

  2. georgia credit repair Says:

    I will have to tell my girlfriends about this website!…

  3. Liz Leary Says:

    Hi – I just heard you on Bott Radio. I am now living in Turlock, CA which is in the northern part of the San Joaquin Valley – about halfway between Fresno and Sacramento on Hwy 99. where our mission headquarters is located. My husband, Bruce and I have a prison ministry and are hoping and planning to have an aftercare program for parolees right out of prison. We’ve been volunteering in prisons since 1993. We have been running a prison Bible college program and had on-site classes for over 12 years, but now are just doing it by distance learning. We’re now missionaries with Missionary Gospel Fellowship since 2003. At first we had the ministry under a church in San Diego, but their pastor left and the new one didn’t want to have any ministry under their umbrella if he couldn’t have the money that came in for it. The summer of 2005 we came up to Turlock from Pine Valley (east of San Diego in the mts) for the mission’s summer conference – it was for four days…we ended up staying as they had a big problem – Bruce uncovered embezzlement in the book-keeping to the tune of over $150,000. Well, the mission got rid of their book-keeper and needed someone to fill in and do payroll twice a month for the missionaries and keep the office going. So, what was for four days has now been over four years 🙂 Bruce is managing the mission office now. We have been renting a little farmhouse right outside the city limits on about ten acres and surrounded by acres and acres of almonds. One of the MGF Board Members owns this place and we love living in his ‘old’ farm-house! I keep busy with letter writing, ministering with Kairos prison ministry at a state prison for women down the road about 70 miles and I am busy visiting one of our Lifer students at a prison about 2.5 hours from us, I also do counseling on the phone to prison family members and letter writing to a number of our students or Kairos alumni. We’re hoping to get Gary out so he can work with us in the aftercare ministry. Our ministry is called CORR (City of Refuge Ranch). We’re currently still in the process of trying to get a non-profit foundation going – that’ a long story, but hope isn’t dead 🙂 This process has been going on since 2006!
    We are constantly keeping our ears open as to projects we can do with our men once the program is up and running. Currently we’re still praying God will open up a farm/ranch where we can all live under one roof and re-parent or re-family the men. 🙂 Our little house here is lovely, but it’s only 2 bedrooms and one bath. That’s not enough for having at least six men. We are looking to the LORD for His timing and provision for this dream/vision He has given us.
    One of the things we want to do is have chores/jobs on site so the men will learn responsibility and also have a way of keeping the place running. We won’t be getting gov’t money so we can have a program based totally on the Word of God. We don’t want all the politically correct issues shutting us down, so we will be dependent on the Lord for His provisions — and for His providing us with creative ways of raising money and keeping money coming in through projects the men can do, etc.
    We have been married for almost 37 1/2 years and have three grown children (our son is finishing his Residency for Family Practice – Primary Care in upstate New York at Watertown. Dave is 35, married and has a 7 year old daughter. He finishes his Residency program in a couple of weeks and then will be going active with the Air Force for three years at a clinic in Fairbanks, Alaska. Our daughter is almost 32. She’s a nurse and a stay-at-home mom with three kids living in the San Diego area – two sons, 7 & almost 5 and a baby girl 14 months old. Our youngest, a son is 29 and still singe. He lives in the LA area and is a policeman with LAPD – working with the gangs in South Central. All our children, their spouses and grandchildren love the Lord :] We are so blessed. They put themselves through schooling and got their life dream career early 🙂 Praise God! Why? Well, they learned to work for what they wanted at a very young age because we went through an extremely difficult chapter and ‘lost everything’ except what really mattered. God was faithful and He kept us going with as you said, chickens for eggs and to teach the kids responsibility, and we were 1/2 mile from a Bible camp where the kids worked weekends and summers from 7th grade on through high school and even a year after that. That Bible camp is where I had met Bruce, and where our two kids met their spouses 🙂 (Hooray for Christian camping 🙂 Okay – this is long and you are probably wondering who is this crazy lady??? Well, I’m not really crazy unless you call being passionate about sharing Jesus Christ with a hurting world crazy 🙂 and many do… I attended Biola University for four years and did summer ministries while in college. I worked in two different Baptist churches as a Youth Director before I was married. I have a degree in Corrections and a Master’s in Social Work. (I didn’t get my graduate degree until twenty years after my college degree) To begin with, I was a stay-at-home mom. My husband was a school teacher for years and then a school principal for a while. God ripped the rug out from under him back in 1984 when he got his power and authority mixed up and he learned the best well-laid plans can go under, but God is faithful and through what we experienced, and learned during the next many years, God prepared us for prison ministry. We enjoyed being active in the chapel program at several different state prisons here in California.
    I had the radio on but didn’t really listen until the very last part of the interview with you. So…it took me several tries with a google search before I found your blogspot…now, I’ll try looking you up on facebook. On FB I’m Elizabeth Ann Huff Leary (my whole name so I can find friends from high school, etc. )
    Oh, years ago when our world fell apart and my husband had lost his earning power, God helped get us through — I was able to keep our family going with $25.00 a month for all the food and other home supplies for over two years…plus I fed the family across the street because his wife walked out and left him with his then 8 year old son and 14 year old daughter. He was teaching school and drove back up the mountain each evening deep in depression. So for about 1.5 years I fed them, too, five nights a week and sometimes on the weekend. How? Well, I was raised on a farm and my mother had taught me how to cook from scratch. We had about a dozen laying hens, but we then lived at about 4,000 ft. level in the mountains east of San Diego and could have a killer frost any night of the year, so gardens just didn’t happen in our tree-filled lot. God had filled my pantry and freezer before our world tumbled (just like He did for the Children of Israel before they left Egypt). I gleaned fruit and vegetables from behind stores in their dumpsters or boxes outside their bldgs, we collected aluminum cans, I recycled give-away items for our own needs and for gifts and God provided for us through friends who would bring things over right when we needed them most, and sometimes boxes of food would be left at our gate or on our doorstep. We never went hungry! We were able to stay in our own home! Our neighbors watched and saw…and they marveled at how we lived. When I needed a dollar for my son’s field trip (he told me the night before he needed the money) the chickens laid two eggs each that day. Right after I prayed and told the LORD I needed $1.00 the next morning – the phone rang (it was after 8 pm) and my neighbor said she had heard we had hens that laid brown eggs! Amazing “coincidence,” huh! She said she would pay me $1.00! The upswing of our lean years is our kids saw God provide for our needs and many of our wants year after year and they learned God does answer prayer! Two of them even went with Teen Missions and saw God provide for their entire amount plus the high end of what they needed for their spending money – one went to Iceland for the summer and the other went to what had been East Germany!
    I look forward to seeing about how to grow the worms, and I’ll check and see what else I can learn. Thanks for sharing 🙂 God Bless you 🙂
    Your sister in Christ, Liz Leary

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