April and Uno – the new kids on the farm

Meet the new kids in the barnyard – April and Uno.  These 2 are hilarious and right from the get-go, they had a ton of personality.  April was born first, a bitty little thing, but full of vim and vigor!  She will not be outdone by her brother, Uno, who is about 1/2 again as big as she.  Together, they make quite a team.

Don’t be fooled by their age.  From the moment of their arrival into this world, they were full of discovery – riling up the other animals in the barnyard, evening getting Annie and Casey to play follow the leader.

Don’t be taken in by the cute face and kissable lips…

Or the precious little heart shaped nose and floppy, fuzzy ears…

Or that innocent look of “who, me??”

Inside these little ones lurks all kinds of mischief and fun,

and if you don’t believe me…

Just ask Annie – she’s already exhausted from trying to keep up and they’re not even a week old yet!

So when you see these 2 come running – beware.

They’ve more than likely annoyed someone with their antics.

And no use squealing to their mom cuz she’ll just reply,  with the shake of her head, “Well, you know – kids will be kids.”

If you stick around long enough…

and cuddle them when they’re tired from harassing all the others who live with them,

and kiss their sweet, innocent faces, stroke their soft fur and run their  fuzzy ears through your fingers…

you’ll find yourself laughing at their antics and your heart will be smitten…

and you’ll be defending them and smiling at them and saying things like…

“Well, you know, kids will be kids!”


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3 Responses to “April and Uno – the new kids on the farm”

  1. 5kidswdisabilities Says:

    Oh, the baby goats are so precious! It must be so much fun living on a farm!
    LIndsey Petersen

  2. Lydia Rose Says:

    So Cute!

  3. tarena Says:

    they are so adorable! I love the close up individual pictures-awesome! =)

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