Spined Soldier Bug

The name alone should give you a clue about this bug.  He has joined forces with the rest of my army in the vegetable garden.  However, he’s very shy and would rather work undercover assignments than be out in the limelight.

Being the persistent, obnoxious camera person I am, I was finally able to get some pictures of our Spined Soldier Bug.

The Spined Soldier Bug likes to live in crop fields, gardens, and open woods on wild and cultivated plants, herbaceous or woody.

In other words, he’s not very picky!

I found this one on my sunflower plant.

Food:  Caterpillars, sawfly larvae, grubs of leaf beetles, and other insects, including nymphs of its own species.

Okay, we’ll forgive him this one fault of eating his own kind.

And maybe he’ll forgive me for pestering him to get these shots!


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One Response to “Spined Soldier Bug”

  1. Marne Says:

    See, the difficulty for me is that I really can’t tell the difference (at a glance) between the soldier bug and the brown stink bug.

    Pictures of both can be found at the bottom of this page:


    One is good and one is bad! I found two of them (which one I don’t know) just sitting on one of my tomatoes yesterday. I wasn’t sure what to do. Do I wait and see if they seem to be siphoning off the tomato? Do I hope that they’re the good guys and not the bad guys? Do I squish one and see if he’s smelly?

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