Baby Moles?!

I was moving some wooden posts which had been covered in grass.  I was fully expecting to find a snake but instead…

There was a nest of baby moles – 6 of them.  (After posting this, someone mentioned that they’re shrews.  After a little research, yep!  That’s what we found.)

The mom was no where in sight.

The girls asked if they could hold them.  Sure, why not.  I’d already exposed these little ones to the light of day – why not add the touch of humans too!

I know this is a little fuzzy but I thought it was so cute that they were “kissing.”

Look at that cute little nose and mouth.  Perhaps he’s trying to breathe since his sibling is crushing him…

Their eyes weren’t even open yet.

And they’re so tiny…

Okay, maybe that nose isn’t so little after all 🙂

But the feet are really tiny and that tail…


And when they all got together, nothing but feet and tails as they each tried to get to the bottom of the pile.

With all the close-ups, I wanted you to see the real perspective…

And of course, as with most homeschooling kids, it’s fun to share the educational experience with friends 🙂


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