Country Kids – Mud Fight

Part of my dream for homesteading included giving my kids the opportunity to grow up in the country.  The chance to romp through the woods, gaze at brilliant stars while standing in the middle of a field, awake in the morning to the crowing of roosters, and discover the joys of a gently running creek…

Fashion statements will hold no leverage with my kids – they just won’t care!

Unless that fashion includes getting dirty…

The greatest calling – to have fun, no matter your age…

They won’t have neighborhood friends….

They’ll have pasture friends – those that ride bikes down dirt roads to get here or run through fields avoiding cows and horses to come and play games.

The country will provide the canvas for creative expanse, unhindered imagination, and the avenue of discovery…

even if that avenue becomes a creek full of mud!

A heritage to be gotten – full of wisdom, memories, and good common sense encapsulated in the arms of life-long friends…

Of course, my countrified, nostalgic dream bubble burst when I was informed that the invitation for this mud-slinging mania was delivered via…

my son’s cell phone 🙂


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3 Responses to “Country Kids – Mud Fight”

  1. Dayna Reidenouer Says:

    I LOVE this post. You crack me up!!!

  2. Margie Bicker Says:

    Could’ve been worse…could’ve been Facebook! 🙂

  3. amber Says:

    Awesome. We live this way and we would have it any other.

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