Do You Know this Caterpillar??

Thanks to Sandi – this is the larva for  the Pandorus Sphinx Moth (Eumorpha pandorus)

Yesterday I was weeding in the garden and found this caterpillar on the Bee Balm plant.  I’d not seen this kind before and at first thought it was the Tomato Hornworm.  I looked in the books I have and he was not in them.  So I’m asking you if you know what he is.

He’s a fat one and fairly big…

He pulls his head back inside all these rolls when touched.

This is what he looks like on the move…

A dot on his back-end…sorry the picture’s a little fuzzy.

Oh!  And such pudgy little legs!

Pleading with me to please take the camera out of his face and let him go…

I love those little sucker feet.  Remind me of magnets when they hook together.

So, if anyone can send some info my way, I’d really appreciate it!  I know there are some avid bug enthusiasts out there 🙂


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6 Responses to “Do You Know this Caterpillar??”

  1. Marie Hutchison Says:

    I’m pretty sure that is a Palamedes Swallowtail!!

  2. Naomi Slade Says:

    I don’t know what kind he is but he is gorgeous and I want one!

  3. Cara Vinson Says:

    I am in love with these photos! Well Done!

  4. Linda Verhallen Says:

    I believe that it is a horn worm that you found. Some people will grow beebalm near their tomato plants to keep them from attacking the tomatoes. I grow beebalm as well and am having a problem with what I think are cabbage moth caterpillars which are destroying the flower heads. This is three years in a row now and I wish I knew how to be rid of them permanently.

  5. Sheryle Smith Says:

    It’s actually a Pandorus Sphinx

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