Chicken Workshop – March 19

From Eggshell to Nest Egg

Date:  March 19, 2011

Time:  9am – noon

Place:  Lazy B Farm

Cost:  $25 per person; $40 per couple

Chickens have become the new “niche” pet in recent years and they’re not just the old farm standard anymore!

Fortunately for us, chickens are fairly easy keepers and folks from the city to the country are enjoying the fresh, healthful taste of homegrown eggs.

If you’re considering chickens for your farm or yard, or you have them already and would like to do more, this workshop is for you.

Topics to be covered:

  • Chicks: ordering and caring for them
  • Pullets: what are those??
  • Chickens and Roosters – Egg laying versus Meat
  • Hen houses – design ideas and considerations
  • Chicken Tractors
  • Dietary needs and health issues
  • Egg Business- what do I do with all these eggs?!

You’ll be introduced to some of our very own chickens and chicks- up close and personal.   We’ll also take a tour of the Lazy B Farm hen house and look at two different styles of chicken tractors.

After this workshop you’ll be confident in your new venture of raising chickens and it won’t be long before you’re gathering your own eggs and enjoying farm fresh eggs for breakfast!

Please contact to register for this workshop or call 770-289-2301


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