Heidi and Colonel

“Okay, Heidi?  Yep, the Director wants Colonel to be the pack mule and you’ve just been rescued from the rugged mountains of Colorado.

You’re hurt and you can’t walk…..Colonel has come to rescue you.  Got it?  Good….”

” A little more limp, please.  You don’t look quite hurt enough yet.”

“Almost!  Could you hang your head just a little more?”

“…..a little more….”

“Perfect!!  Yes, that’s exactly what the Director was looking for!”

“Cut!!  Heidi, yes, we’re all finished with this scene – you did a great job!”

“Alright, in this next scene, you’re very sick….yep, that’s a good “sick” face.  Colonel’s come to help the family and carry you to the nearest hospital.”

“So what we need  you to do is lay down on Colonel’s back and look ill, as if you’re close to death.”

“Yeah, that’s the right look…  Could you look a little more ill?”

“What?  You want to know what you’re dying from?”

“The Director says “Lambitis” and it’s very serious.”

“Oh, that’s good…”

“Maybe if you could close your eyes just a little bit more it would help convey just how sick you are…”

“Perfect!  There’s no mistake that you have ‘Lambitis.'”

“Heidi??  Are you still awake?”

“Oh…sorry.  Yes, of course your ability to act is remarkable.  Forgive me for questioning your talent.”

“Well, that’s a rap!!  Great job everyone!!!”

“Snack time for all the actors!”


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3 Responses to “Heidi and Colonel”

  1. micandme Says:

    Oh, my goodness! That’s adorable! 🙂 Nice job. ~Michelle

  2. Kimberly Says:

    Thanks for the laugh!!! Brenda sent me over after I was asking blog readers about goat breeds. That was hilarious.

  3. Beth Says:

    Hey, I would really love to raise a bottle baby and I was wondering if you knew anyone who might have one that needs a loving home.

    Beth 🙂

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