Garden Walk – May 13, 2011

This year I tried something new with my cucumbers.  I’d seen in a book where the person had used a bed frame as a trellis.  Only it was a horizontal trellis.  This is a left-over bunk bed frame.

The idea is to get the plants to grow on top of the frame and the cucumbers, or whatever else you grow, will hang under the frame.  This will help with air circulation, mildew problems and keeping the fruit or vegetables cleaner.  And maybe I’ll see the cucumbers before they become baseball bat size!

I have lots of these on my plants…

And these…

But this is my favorite!!!

Ever grown Tomatillos?  They’re a staple in Mexican cuisine and wonderful in salsa!

The flowers remind me of Spanish dancers…

And the fruit or tomato comes wrapped in a paper sack.  They’re  wonderful to grow and by the looks of mine – we’re going to have an abundance this year 🙂

And here’s the baby tomato we’re all familiar with.

Was glad to see this on the underside of one of the tomato leaves.  Know what it is?

It’s the egg of a Lacewing – a beneficial insect for the garden.  I love how they look like little balloons on the end of a string…

And I saw these on my tomato plants too.

This one plant has more than I like to see…

But between this Lady Bug and the Lacewing, they won’t be there long!

On the same leaf as the Lacewing egg, I also saw these…

And these…

Three different types of eggs on this one leaf.  I feel like there’s a major battle about to begin.  I know that insects lay eggs where they know there will be food.  I just want to know if these two are beneficials or not.  I left them on the leaf so I can check on them to see what emerges.

Okay, I’m thinking Sci-Fi….

And the alien is born!!!!   (the flower of a wild onion)

Did I tell you that one of my Guineas is setting?  I’m so excited, although I’ve heard they’re not great mothers…

She sure is beautiful and so far, very committed!  Hmmm- shouldn’t that one egg be tucked up underneath, Momma Guinea?

These were everywhere today in one part of my flower garden.

I believe this is the American Hover Fly and they are hugely beneficial!

Adult drinks nectar. The larva preys on aphids and larvae of scale insects.

Ahh, and the jury is out on this one!  Stink bug or Soldier bug?  One is good, the other is not…

It was on my Rue plant and I found it interesting that it was yellow underneath.  Don’t remember noticing this before…

The flowers on this plant are yellow and about the same size as this insect.

And one of my favorites!!  Found this Praying Mantis on the Lambs Ear.  Must feel like a giant feather bed!

This little guy was only about a 1/2″ long…

Ever look closely at all the little tiny flowers of the Yarrow plant?  They’re beautiful….

Thanks for sharing my walk with me 🙂


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7 Responses to “Garden Walk – May 13, 2011”

  1. Lydia Rose Says:

    Fascinating post. Very enjoyable!

  2. Cecile Long Says:

    Thanks for sharing your photos and your ideas. The set-up for your cucumbers looks like a good plan. I read your recent post about your health-related incident. I’m so glad you made it through the uncertainties of the situation and that you were able to get medical care. I hope that the current photos and the blog mean that you are feeling better–feeling better but not pushing yourself too hard.

  3. Cherie Roberts Says:

    This post made me smile 🙂
    I can’t wait to see how the cucumber trellis works out for you. In theory it seems like a great idea.

  4. Dawn Chandler Says:

    I just love love love all your pictures! Thank you for sharing so beautifully!

  5. Dawn Feist Kelly Says:

    Cyndi, I have to admit you are living my life…..I’m John Kelly’s wife and while you & I haven’t met, I can’t wait to have that chance…We have LOADS in common and I need you to tell John not to be terrified at the coming prospect of Guineas! They rock, and yes, they are horrible mothers….they hatch the babies just fine but are rotten caretakers …. I had a flock in Arkansas before I moved home to Texas….couldn’t catch them when I moved so I need to restock!

    Anyway, I look forward to a long chat over some iced tea sometime soon ….

  6. Chookie Says:

    That was fun, I love your garden and your photography is beautiful.

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