And Where Would You Have Your Babies?? Nesting Guineas!

I started with 6 Guineas last spring.  On Christmas day, we noticed one was missing and I found a pile of feathers.

Christmas dinner for some fortunate animal.   So in the spirit of Christmas, I tried not to be too upset.

Now we had 5 Guineas running around the farm.  About a month ago, I noticed another one was missing and had a small panic – I really like my Guineas!  I didn’t find any feathers…and then it dawned on me – it’s Spring!!  Babies happen in Spring!

I found her hiding in my flowers…

Couple of days ago, I noticed another one was “missing.”   And today – I only saw 2 running around the farm!

There could only be one answer – 2 more of my Guineas were nesting somewhere…

Found this one on the side of the house – the cooler side, under a tree, in a clump of grass.

I’m guessing these last 2 are males.  They’re very protective of this particular female – maybe cuz she’s a little bit more exposed.

I got little too close when I was looking at her and she got up from the nest – she had a big bunch of eggs under her!

“Don’t worry about a thing dear.  You just sit there and I will take care of everything!”

“What?  You think you hear something?”

“No need to worry – it’s just Misty passin’ by.”

I’d heard this one squawk but I had a harder time spotting her.  Over beside the house – same side as the other one in the grass, there’s a small pile of lumber.

She’d tucked herself in between the pieces of wood.  Her head is covered but not her body.

She reminds me of little kids when they play hide and seek.  If you can’t see my face then you can’t see me!

And lastly, my first “disappearing” Guinea is still sitting in the flowers on the other side of the house.

Sitting time for Guineas is 26 – 28 days.  She should have babies next week if my calculations are correct.

And by the way – if you were a Guinea, which place would you choose to have your babies!?


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3 Responses to “And Where Would You Have Your Babies?? Nesting Guineas!”

  1. Melody Says:

    I’m looking forward to adding some of these at my place. Where were you able to pick up just six of them? Everyone seems to want us to buy much more than that.

    • lazybfarm Says:

      A friend had Guineas and one of the hens got off her next of about 30 eggs. She put them in the incubator and hatched them out. I got some of those 🙂

  2. daddyshomesteading Says:

    Hah! I spooked the ones down by the lower pasture when I was putting in the water barrel at the fence, for the chickens. I figured that was the one you knew about. LOL I did get a good picture of her eggs, and was really surprised by the sheer number of them!

    I look forward to seeing keats dutifully following their mama’s around.

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