She did it!!! Baby Guineas Appear…

Remember my Guinea who’s been sitting for so long?  Well, I had a “feeling” about today.

and I was right!!

I went out to check on her because the noises from the Guineas were different than they’d been in the last couple of days.

Dave had gone down to feed the pigs the scraps from lunch and I heard him calling the dogs.

I was so excited cuz as I came around the corner, there they all were!  Mom and her 15 babies!

If you’re counting the babies in the pictures – you’ll only get to 13.

That’s because 2 were having a really hard time keeping up and got left behind.  So Tori went down to scoop them up.

Look at that white one – would loved to have brought that one in with the others.  Those bright orange legs!  They’re so cute 🙂

A male was with her and they wanted into the back pasture.  I opened the gate to let them through – all the while telling her what a great job she did and she was going to be such a terrific mom!

We’re all elated because we’ve never had anything like this happen on our farm.  It will be fun to watch how she takes care of all those babies and how they learn to fend for themselves.

We went back to where the nest was and there was a peeping sound…

Another one had hatched at some point and it was still wet.  Number 16!

We brought the 3 orphans inside and put them in the brood box.

Aren’t they adorable!?  And only hours old!

And by the way, yesterday, another mom got off her nest and we brought in a bunch of her eggs and put them in the incubator to see if we could hatch them out.

She did go back to her nest so we left 5 in there for her.

Why do I have the feeling in a month we may be overrun with Guineas!


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10 Responses to “She did it!!! Baby Guineas Appear…”

  1. Lydia Rose Says:

    Wow! Look at all of those babies! They are so cute! My kids would love it!

  2. Jenny Says:

    Hi Cyndi! Congrats on the babies! From personal experience, unlike chicks, keets are very fragile and usually have to be hand-raised in order to have a high survival rate. Just a suggestion! Hate to see someone else experience what we did and find them dead one by one in the yard. Good luck!

  3. Jenny Says:

    Sorry! Me again! The other option is to lock the mama up with the keets for several weeks. This keeps her from “dragging” them to death.

    • lazybfarm Says:

      Jenny – I need all the knowledge i can get at this point. I have the 3 inside. Had I known that I would have scooped up a bunch more! I found the mom shortly after she left her nest, in the taller grass in the back pasture with the male. Tonight I see the male has come back to roost in the tree but the mom is no where to be seen. Will she hide with the babies? If i see them tomorrow, should I try to gather up some of the keets?
      Any wisdom passed along would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  4. Bob Broyles Says:

    We have had the mothers raise the keets just fine. They have raised as many as 24 in a clutch. They dump-nest, where several hens will lay in the same nest, and usually one or two hens will raise them together. The first-time moms are the hens that have the higher infant mortality rates, but still do pretty well.

    • lazybfarm Says:

      Oh – thanks so much for your encouragement! We think we may be down one or two keets today but they’re hard to count when they blend in with the grass. She seems to be doing really well so far and the male follows her everywhere!

      • Bob Broyles Says:

        We used to keep the young mothers in the fenced-in back yard during this vulnerable stage. The keets would slip through the fence, but the mother never had enough sense to fly over, so the keets would come running back – separation anxiety is a good thing!

      • lazybfarm Says:

        I’ve seen her up by the house today, I’m hoping she’ll sleep up here tonite instead of in the back pasture. Much safer up here!

  5. lazybfarm Says:

    So Bob – I forgot to ask. What did you do with all those Guineas?? Did you catch them and give them away? Or did they all live at your place 🙂 Could be a little noisy!

  6. Bob Broyles Says:

    Actually, we have had as many as 100 around the place – and yes, it was indeed noisy! No-one ever drove up our drive unannounced! Some wandered off over time, we have lost quite a few to owls and especially to coyotes when they were out de-bugging the neighbor’s alfalfa fields, and we would lose whole clutches of half-grown ones when they would lay out on the dirt road and not flee from drivers going by at high rates of speed. The pendulum has swung to the opposite extreme now, as we only have four left, and fortunately, they are two pairs.

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