Candid Corner – Juice fast

I’ve made a decision.  Not so unusual for me, I make them all day long!  Sometimes too quickly and I regret them later but not this time.

I need to journal more about real stuff.  The stuff that really matters to me – the real ups and downs of family and homesteading and homeschooling and friends and, well, you get the idea.

The hospital stay in May kinda did a number on my outlook for my remaining years – however many that may be.

So in these past couple of months I’ve been asking myself the hard question:

what do I want my life to count for in the end.

Pretty heady stuff.

The answers don’t come easily and I’m forcing myself not to make decisions quickly.

I’m thinking I may not be the only one who thinks about these things.

I wanted a place where we could share together…a corner where we could  be very candid with one another.

I envision a huge get together somewhere… and way over in the corner of  the garden under the arbor, I’m with my close friends who share life with me.

Together we talk about issues that really matter.

The issues you don’t just share with anyone…only those who have made it a point to let you know – you really matter to them and they won’t judge you or ridicule, even when they don’t agree.

They’ll hold your hand and listen in the tough times;

and they’ll laugh out loud and genuinely share in the celebration of the good times.

Journal entry:

Today I’m starting a juice fast for 10 days.  Reason?  I need to get serious about my weight and my health.  I’m on blood pressure medication and I don’t like it.  Now, if I do everything I’m able to and still need the medication to keep my BP under control, I’m okay with that and will be grateful for the meds.  But I haven’t done everything I can.

Today I start with a detox to rid my body of toxins.  While I’m on my juice fast, I intend to research the next step to maintaining a healthy diet.  It’s not that I don’t have access to good food – we grow a lot of it.  It’s all the “extras” that get purchased and brought into the house.  I believe in moderation too, that an occasional processed item is okay.  My problem is, I give into myself too often and because of that, I have a weight problem.  “you play, you pay”   It’s time I seriously look at the consequences of those choices.

So today I had my last cup of coffee for 10 days.  And so far, this is what I’ve had for breakfast and lunch –

Now I’m drinking lots of water to help flush my system.

The kicker in all of this will be the self-discipline to follow through…

This morning Tori and Nathan went out and bought 2 dozen Dunkin Donuts for a breakfast celebration of Lauren’s return 🙂

The moment of real vulnerability – beginning weight: 181.6   (agh!!  I can’t believe I actually put that in here!)


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16 Responses to “Candid Corner – Juice fast”

  1. Donna Lotshaw Says:

    Oh me I can’t wait to see how it goes. What program are you on to know how to do the detox? Did a doc give it to you or did you find it online or in a book? I’ve been thinking about detoxing but I honestly don’t think I can do juices for 10 days.

    • lazybfarm Says:

      Donna – I’ve done detox’s before with juice only not quite this long. I think it was 7 days. We watched Fat, Sick and NEarly Dead (on netflix) and then i went on the website to see and hear more. Years ago I did a bunch of reading on detoxification and I believe in the health benefit. I have my own BP cuff so I can monitor my blood pressure. Last month I had a full exam and blood work which all came back great. Had an MRI last week to finalize any potential problems in the brain and that was fine too.
      Just getting through a day at a time 🙂

  2. Marie Hutchison Says:

    We too have been doing lots of diet changes, eating more whole foods, organic, buying lots from the local farmer’s market. My husband has cancer & our 16 yr old son has Crohn’s Disease. Two books that have help me were, The Maker’s Diet, & Nourishing Traditions, eye openers to what food can do to our health! Since changing our diet our son is no longer on medication! God is good! Praying for you on your journey! 🙂

    • lazybfarm Says:

      Marie –
      I have both those books and a friend gave me the book of the whole story to Makers Diet and it’s on my night stand now. Thanks for the encouragement from your story!

  3. lisa m Says:

    I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be a friend…. and you have defined it perfectly…..I look forward to these times of sharing.

    This is an awesome step in your recovery and healing. If you haven’t seen it, look up the Joe Cross movie on youtube and watch it for some inspiration. <>

  4. Sandee Marvin Says:

    Hi Cyndi, I too have been battling the bulge and high blood pressure for too many years. This year I’m starting to see the results on the blood pressure. I was advised to take the sleep apnea test and I’m glad I did. My blood oxygen was so low at night (sometimes down to 55 – 50 being clinically dead) I didn’t realize that I was not getting enough rest. I have been on a cpap machine for two years now and my blood pressure has stabilized at about 120 over 75.

    On weight problem I am finally learning to control my portion size and not eating anywhere near what I used to. And my weight is beginning to go down… slowly. That’s ok, at least it’s going down.
    I also read somewhere that if you’re going to eat fruit you should eat it 1/2 hour before a meal or two hours after.

    I wish you luck and perseverance. It’s hard but stick with it.

  5. Mary Marlowe Says:

    I have got to brag on my DH Steve – he has lost more than 25 pounds in the last few months. His motivation/direction came from listening to the audiobook “Why We Get Fat, And What To Do About It” by Gary Taubes. Those familiar with the Maker’s Diet would find a lot to appreciate in this book, but there is a lot of information beyond that. Might be a good thing to listen to while gardening/farming/driving… I listened to it 4 or 5 times while riding around in the van on trips and errands, and heard new information each time. Gary Taubes’ previous (much longer) book was “Good Calories, Bad Calories”. This one is shorter, and an easier read.
    You may have seen him interviewed on Dr. Oz – billed as the man who thinks everything Dr Oz says about diet is wrong…
    Right now the post on his blog shares his most recent results from blood tests.
    I think most juice fasts recommend fresh juice. Bottled juice is promoted as a health food, but much of the original goodness is lost because the juice is pastuerized. The juice pictured has 33 grams of carbohydrates (sugar) for every 8 ounces… and most people drink more than that as a serving. Much of that sugar is in the form of fructose, so more damaging, too. I see “natural flavor” as an added ingredient… that usually means MSG. You might want to check your blood sugar levels before the juice, after an hour, then after two hours, until you get back down to below 100… you might be surprised! I know I was….

    • lazybfarm Says:

      Mary – thank you so much for your comment. I appreciate your knowledge and as my homeopath, I value what you say. Yep, I knew the juice I had earlier wasn’t as great as using whole foods, nor was the coffee I consumed. But that’s what I had at the time and now I’m headed to use my Champion Juicer to juice a bunch of real veggies. Kudos to Steve! I’ll also look up that author you mentioned. I’ve been making kombucha – what do you think about drinking that during a fast?

  6. Dee Says:

    I’ve thought about wanting a garden like that. Thank you for letting me sit in yours.

    Btw just in case you don’t have a juicer you can borrow mine.

  7. Jerry Mann Says:

    Hi Lazy B Farm,

    You don’t know me… I subscribe to the blog because of one post that interested me months ago. Thanks for all your insights into life on the farm… anyway, I thought I’d tell you what worked for my wife.

    She is using the Lance Armstrong Foundation’s “Live Strong” website and has had great success in dropping 35 pounds since February.

    She uses the “My Plate” tool that allows her to track what she eats and her exercise.
    It is a 21st century calorie counter that really keeps her focused on the goal. She sets a weigh loss goal and it tells her how many calories she can eat in a day. They have all the food we eat built into the program so figuring the calories is easy. They also have calculators for exercise and other activities to figure out how many calories she burns.

    She swears by it. She is very happy having lost the weight. It is so much better for her not carrying the extra weight and she feels great.

    It told her she could eat something ridiculously low like 1100 calories a day to meet her goals. Undaunted, she did it by eating a tasty breakfast with yogurt and fruit and puffed wheat. For lunch she has cheese and baked tofu on crackers (she is a vegetarian). For snacks she will always take a ziploc of turnips, carrots and celery, and she can eat just about all of that she wants. That leaves her “x” number of calories for dinner, usually 400-600, and she measures out dinner to make sure she does not go over. Usually she does not feel hungry.

    She did not even start an exercise routine yet, and once she does that things will really change for her.

    Anyway, good luck, and I wish you success (because luck is only part of it!).

    Best regards,
    Jerry Mann
    Cleveland Heights, Ohio

    • lazybfarm Says:

      Thanks Jerry! I’ll look up the tool and see if i can get it on my iphone. Thanks for your encouragement too and tell your wife “great job”!!

  8. beverly landis Says:

    Found Juicing to be a great source for not only loosing weight but feeling better!! I receive emails from Dr. Mercola, (Dr. recently had info regarding juice fasting , along w/excersing — very good article!
    I’ll try to attach it
    When Juicing, I use a hand full of spinach, 3 kale leaves, an organic apple(Chopped), some parsley, jusic of a whole lemon or lime and some coconut water, or coconut milk, adding extra water if needed (I blend into a juice) it is delightful!

  9. beverly landis Says:

    Misspelled “Mercola” for website…
    Also regarding article, it is rather lenghty, and refers to juicing mid way down, – (I disregarded the muscle building info)
    Appreciate the info you share on your posts.
    May God Bless you in your endeavors,

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