Ladies’ Homestead Gathering Retreat – October 28 -30th


Location: Foxfire Museum       Mountain City, GA   (

Cost: $195  –  $50 deposit will hold your spot, the remainder due before the retreat

Guests:  this getaway is for adult women who are interested in any aspect of homesteading and desire the fellowship of like-minded women and learning new skills.

Weekend schedule:


3 – 5p   Arrive at Foxfire

6:00p   Italian Dinner

7:30p   Chainsaw and Wood Splitting Workshop

8:30p   Fire circle for stories and s’mores

*lights out – to be determined by you.  Please be considerate of those who go to bed early and they’ll be considerate of you the next morning while you’re still sleeping!



7:00a   Chicken Butchering Workshop

8:00a    Breakfast

9:00a    Bread making – yeast and cornbread Workshop

10:30    Foxfire Museum Tour

Noon     Lunch

1:30 – 4:30p    Herbal Class with Patricia Kyritsi Howell

6:00p    Dinner

7:30p    Free time;

Fire Circle for s’mores; feel free to bring crafts/games with you


8:00a    Breakfast

9:00a    Beekeeping from a Woman’s Perspective

Homestead Management Q & A – planning session

11:00     Lotions, Shampoo, Deodorants Workshop

12:30     Lunch

1:45p     Tennessee Rock Trail Hike

5:00p     Head Home

** We are in the process of putting the food schedule together.  In order to keep the cost down for this retreat, it was agreed that we would all pitch in and bring assigned foods and also help out with kitchen duties.

** Towels and linens are provided

**  A list of “What to Bring” will be sent out to all those who will be attending


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5 Responses to “Ladies’ Homestead Gathering Retreat – October 28 -30th”

  1. Wanda Karen Thompson Says:

    I would love to good. Let me know what I need to do to sign up!

  2. Angie Says:

    Hi Cyndi, Is this open to anyone or just your homestead ladies group. I have attended one of your classes and would LOVE to attend this weekend event.

    Angie Alford
    Hamilton, Ga

  3. angie Says:

    Hi. I would like to sign up for this event. Who should I contact?

    I am a Homeschool mom and I would love to learn about homesteading.

    Angie Smith

    • lazybfarm Says:

      Hey Angie-
      Came inside an looked up Sharon – I had her confused with a Sharon Green who came to our LHG but she lives near Atlanta and it was too far. Sharon Black has not been to the Homestead meetings but from what I remember of her, she’d love it! So, why don’t the two of you come together to our next meeting on the 22 of this month 🙂
      Good to talk with you…
      Let me know about the retreat when you know – I have 2 spots available as of today.

  4. Dina Says:

    I wish I was not so far away!!! I would LOVE to go!!! But I would be limited to what I could bring, as I would be flying in from Idaho…

    I so wish there was such a thing here in Idaho!!! I am sooo deeply sad!!

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