Preparing a Pelt

I bought a lamb from a friend of mine who raises sheep for meat.  She took my sheep to the butcher yesterday to be processed.

Another of our friends who also raises sheep had one of her lamb’s pelts made into a small rug or throw.  It’s beautiful and so soft.

Jan and I decided we wanted one too 🙂

The butcher saved the pelt for me and Jan brought it over last night during Knit and Spin.  We spread it out on the floor in the basement away from the other animals.

Then we put a thick layer of salt all over the pelt.  The salt will absorb the moisture.

This is what it looked like after being salted.  It will stay like this for a while and then I’ll ship it to a company in Penn where they will tan the hide and wash the wool.  It’s not that expensive to do.  One of these days I’ll try to do the whole process myself.

For now, we’re just going to take it a little bit at a time!

And btw- it’s become the newest project in the Knit and Spin group.  Another friend of mine took Edward’s (our cow) hide and she and her husband are doing the whole process themselves!!  Now that’s a major job!  But she says, so far so good 🙂


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3 Responses to “Preparing a Pelt”

  1. Doreen Torseth Says:

    Found my way to your blog via your FB page, which I found my way to via Cynthia Hickok. So fun to read about your homesteading efforts and adventures in GA. Even more fun to see photos with your kids. They are so grown-up…. Dave and I have many fond memories of your family from the Christ’s Church days. (We’re still there, by the way.) Much love to you all!

  2. Paula K Says:

    I was just wondering how your pelt is coming along. I had lost an angora goat and decided to skin it. I have salted it and it drying nicely, I’m just wondering what to do next and how long I need to leave the salt on it. BTW I really enjoy following your blog and facebook. Many blessings to you and you family.

    • lazybfarm Says:

      Hey Paula –
      funny you should ask. I finally took the salt off and rolled up the pelt to send off to the tanner in PA. A friend has used this service and the pelt was beautiful AND machine washable!
      I’m hoping to put together a class on tanning and skinning at our next Ladies’ Retreat this coming fall. Would love to learn this skill.
      If you want to info on the place in PA, shoot me an email and i’ll send you the info.

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