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We’re at 1000 “likes”!

December 17, 2011

I remember when I first started the Lazy B Farm page on Facebook.  It all sounded good and gave me an outlet to share what was going on with the day to day happenings.  I never thought people would seriously be interested in all the details of running a homestead.

Dave, my techy husband, had a friend who’d been studying all the social media craze. They’d been talking… and when I talked with Dave and he said that our goal was 1,000 “likes” on the page, I just laughed.

We got quickly to around 200 just cuz of my faithful friends and some who’d taken the classes here at the farm. But the increase kept going!

1,000 “likes”!  I still shake my head at the number 🙂

Lazy B Farm just ended our 3rd year of classes and events.  It’s funny to me – I never intended for this all to become a “business” but I absolutely love what’s been happening.  The greatest blessing has been the addition of so many like-minded friends, whether they live around here or are cyber friends.  There were a lot of lonely years for me but not any more!

So much has happened in 3 short years.

And I’m excited because we have so many new additions coming in January.

Probably the addition that will bring the most help is a brand new website!  It’s to launch in January – we’re working out the bugs now.

The new website will have a store where you can purchase everything from lip balm to pork.  We’re working on new items to add to our store but I can’t tell you what they are yet 🙂

Our guests will also be able to register for classes and events on line – no more sending checks in the mail!!!  (Unless of course you would like to)

My webmaster will be giving me tutorial lessons on how to update information so it’s always correct, especially the calendar.  Our blog will be incorporated into the website and there will be weekly homesteading tips on all kinds of subjects.

I’ve hired a bookkeeper who will help me keep the financial side of the farm in good stead.  This is probably my least favorite area.  But it’s her favorite area so it’s a win-win!  Now maybe all those checks will make it to the bank on time instead of weeks later.

“Cows in the Cafeteria” will be launched in January and I’m very excited about this new venture.  It’s been quite the journey getting to this point but it will be worth all the effort.  The the introduction and full explanation of what I’m talking about will come in another blog 🙂

There are other fun items in the works but I couldn’t wait to tell you about these.

Why is all this happening?  Because of friends like you who have helped to make this passion and mission of homesteading a reality.  Our goal to educate is the focus of our doings here at the Lazy B Farm.  We’ve hoped and dreamed, planted and tended and you all have been the rain of encouragement and support to make this farm what it is today.

Thank you!  And thanks for “liking” our FB page 🙂


Ladies’ Homestead Gathering Retreat – Sunday!

December 16, 2011

To cap off our Ladies’ Homestead Retreat, we hiked the Tennessee Rock Trail on Black Rock Mountain.

Here are those brave hearted ladies, who, though sleep deprived and still full from all the fabulous meals, decided to accomplish this last feat of the weekend!

It was a gorgeous afternoon and the colors of the leaves, glorious.

Once we made the initial ascent, which was fairly intense, we filed through the woods chatting and laughing.

Occasionally, the whole group would stop to identify a plant or tree.

Then it was time to hike UP to the top of Tennessee Rock.  A lot of encouraging words were spoken and hands extended to help one another to the “reward” at the top.

One of the “rewards” was stopping to eat lunch.  We’d all made our lunches back at Foxfire, put them in brown bags and carried them in our back packs.  A few of us also gathered up some of the radishes that were shared at the retreat, putting those too into brown bags.

Poor Julie.  After  all the talk of “can’t wait to get to the top to eat. I made a great lunch with all the leftovers!”  She was sorely disappointed to find she had grabbed the wrong brown bag and all she had were radishes to look forward to!

No worries.  There were all kinds of offers from other brown bags to satisfy her hunger 🙂

The other rewards for all our hiking, were the views!

Crisp mountain air, perfect temps, great fellowship with friends, and the vistas…

Great way to end a fantastic weekend.

We chatted some more, reminisced about the weekend,

enjoyed the sunshine and geared up for the descent to the bottom.

Two of the plants that we identified along our hike-

Rattlesnake Plantain

and Usnea.

We all made it to the bottom in one piece, a little more tired than when we started but exhilerated from the hike and being with friends.

We drove back to the Foxfire Museum and packed up our final belongings.  Kelly had stayed behind to “clean up” a little and  when I took a look around, she’d done everything!  It looked amazing.

As the last car drove down the hill and the sun was beginning to set, Lynn suggested that we sit in the rocking chairs on the back porch to savor our last moments before being thrust back into reality.

Words cannot begin to describe the intense gratitude I felt for all the ladies who had participated in our inaugural Ladies Homestead Retreat.  Everyone had a hand in its success and the comradery that was created will leave lasting memories.

The feeling is mutual – we can’t wait till next years retreat!!

Interested in joining us for the 2012  Ladies’ Homestead Gathering Retreat?

The dates are October 12 – 14, with an option of arriving October 11 for an all day workshop on the 12th.

We are privileged to once again be guests at the Foxfire Museum in Mountain City, GA.

Check the Lazy B Farm website for further details after January.